Defining Affiliate Marketing

Hi, this is Lino Curci , Internet Marketer from 10 years now, and In This Post i'm going to  Defining Affiliate marketing:

It is any kind of marketing that helps to make money online by referring the products in order to increase the business. E.g. You join Big basket, it asks you to refer your friend or colleagues and earn money, once you send the referral to your friend and they download it and start using the app, you get money from Big basket in the form of Cashback or referral money. Now every brands have different criteria and filters to give money. At the end it is a win-win condition for both the Brand and the Promoter.

With Affiliate marketing, many brands or startups(Ola, Big basket, etc.) sell their products online with the help of other folks(It could be you) Basically, Companies hire affiliate to promote their products and to lure public to purchase it. Motto here is to increase the Sales by getting the customers. So, it has four major things:

the Company-Big Basket, , the Promoter-You, the network-WhatsApp or referral code and the customer-Your friend or colleague.

  • The Company: Also known as The creator, The seller, The Organization, The brand, The vendor, One who initiates the process. Could be the owner of the Product or the customer who uses the Product. They can keep themselves involved in the process or just hand it over to the Affiliate Marketing agency or Affiliates. They have the Product for which process needs to trigger.
  • The Promoter: Also known as the affiliates, the publisher, the promoter who carry out the process, who does the promotion. They need to be innovative in terms of selling their ideas. The More creative, more Customers. The more and more innovation they can put in, the more and more public get attracted to their marketing product. They can utilize number of marketing ways to initiate the marketing. One needs to maintain the thin line between an affiliated and seller have. Yes, you read it right you are selling a Product but your advertisement should not look like a marketing trap rather it should look like an entertainment channel.
  • The Network: Could be the URLs on your websites or a username on your Social media Profile or communication apps that connect the Promoter to the Customer.
  • The Customer: Also known as The Consumer, The buyer, The Public, The person who purchased the product after using the referral, for whom whole process got triggered. They are the ones who ends the process by come into the picture. Once they purchase the product, company will get their product out in the market and promoter will get the commission out of it, based on the contract between Merchant and Promoter.


Defining Affiliate Marketing

Defining Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate marketing ?

To grow your business, one needs to do marketing. Using Affiliate Marketing they can hire an affiliater and make him or her do marketing on their behalf by giving them some 1 or 50% commission on basis of their sales. The third party publishers could be the affiliated who does the performance based marketing in which they earn the commission to promote the company brand. They just need to pick a product, promote it and earns a piece of incentive after each sale customer will do.

Categories of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing:
  • Coupon Referral
  • Marketing over Call
  • Bloggers

Affiliate Program :

Amazon affiliate program, Click bank, Click booth, etc. It is all about making money as the piece of profit by promoting other's products. You get paid only if you drive a customer to the business. The key here is how you are carrying out the process. There are millions of people doing the same job. You need to be innovative in terms of advertising your product.

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