How To Use Social Networks To Promote Blogs

Blogs may not be directly promotional but then they market your assets, especially the intangible ones. Having a personal blog based on the products or services you offer to clients and customers. Hyperlinking suitable phrases, redirecting readers to your offerings could be the most effective ways of driving your sales. But one thing that plays a vital role is to determine how efficiently you can promote your blogs to let them come into notice online. In this respect, you can use social networks for guaranteed results as people spend most of the time on these platforms these days.


However, while using social networks for promoting your blogs, there are a few things that must be kept in mind to ensure maximum benefits. Advertising or promoting your brand online will mean some strategies to follow, which if not done would only impose a negative effect on your efforts.

Tips to Follow to Promote your Blogs on Social Networks

Build Credibility

There are a number of people who publish their blogs every now and then for the readers to go through. In the crowd, you should provide something that builds your credibility. You need to make sure that maybe there are multiple blogs covered on the same topic but then people are bound to search for the one that you write. Make sure the bog posts you publish are informative and useful for readers. After all, they read it to be benefited, right? By offering useful content, you will successfully build your brand image.

Promote Other Bloggers

Bloggers think that if they promote other bloggers’ posts, they will be giving free publicity to then. Well, somewhere they may be right. But look at it this way. Only promoting your products will make your blog completely promotional, thereby making readers doubt your trustworthiness. If you also promote or provide a reference to the products of your competitors, your blog will give your readers a chance to find reasons to prefer you over the other options. What say?

Answer Questions

Platforms like Quora work wonders in promoting your products via blogs. Keep giving answers to questions related to your field of operation. Link your blogs for reader references. This increases the chances of readers turning customers.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the latest trends. They help your customers reach you or say filter your writeups base on the topic. Choose some trending hashtags for your blogs and get a huge number of readers for the writeup that talks about the services and goods your brand deals with.

Request Shares

You may request shares for your blogs. Or make your blog so informative that people feel worth sharing it with their friends and peers.

Be Regular

Publishing informative blogs will help you have huge followers. With this comes the responsibility of being regular and consistent. Make sure you share your blogs at regular intervals and make it a habit to offer your followers with something useful every now and then. This is very important to remain in the limelight of readers or else you lose followers and their trust.

If you follow the above tips, your blog promotions would surely be effective enough to drive you a huge number of customers. To make your blogs attractive, you can use relevant pictures and accompany your writeups with the same. Don’t forget to attribute credit in case you use online pictures. The more organized you are in providing the posts, the better it is for your trustworthiness as a blogger. Remember informative content with unique angles does work and get maximum shares. It’s only that you follow the right strategies and techniques.

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