Using Elon Musk to Start Your First Business (His Principles = Your Success)

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So you want to start your first business? Great! Maybe you're an Elon Musk fan (or maybe you aren't), but you can't deny how the man has been able to start big, disruptive businesses that inspire and change the world.

Whether you're thinking of disrupting an industry, or just simply wanting to start something small on the side to make more money, this video will take you into Elon Musk's brain, show you his process, and help you figure out how to start a new business of your own with Elon's principles to back it up.

I've personally used the principles mentioned in this video to start my own businesses, too. I even show you a specific example and how my partner and I used an Elon-like approach to build a successful (and as some people may classify, "disruptive") business of our own.

Let's break it down with Elon Musk here to lay the foundation.

And the end, after we break down Elon's 3 main principles, I'll show you a quick 3-step process for getting started with your business.

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