Definition: Recognized as an Affiliate network, it is an additional or primary channel between Affiliate and Company for Affiliate Marketing Programs. It provides affiliates a platform to manage advertising campaigns, track commissions they generate by advertising the company’s products or services. Few top examples are:

Amazon Affiliates, eBay Partner Network, MyLead, AdCombo, FlexOffers, etc.

To start using affiliate marketing, Affiliates or Marketers need to create or buy the Affiliate network to drive traffic towards the business. In terms of financial investment, either you need to own it or rent it. It helps you to generate high-quality traffic on basis of Chosen strategy whether it is through Mobile, Social Media Profile, Email, Search and other channels. There are two major characteristics that define the Affiliate networks: First- Type of Affiliate Network and Second- type of Commission.


  • REFERRAL BASED: It allows affiliates to earn a share of profit for each successful registration made through referral. For example, you work in an MNC and your company has opening, you refer 5 people for it, out of which 3 got selected, now on their successful onboarding you will get certain amount of commission (or referral amount) from your organization. It is Recognized as a Referral Affiliate Marketing


  • URL BASED: For this Affiliate Marketing network, Affiliate needs to own or rent a website, online forums where they can create the advertisement campaigns(click-to-reveal ) for the selling product in the most interactive way and get their share of profit for each time the new customer clicks on the available advertisement. Key here is having the most lucrative approach. It is a type of performance-based marketing network in which company needs to reward one or

more affiliates for each visitor or customer drove by the affiliate's marketing criteria.



  • COUPON BASED: It is a fast-growing Online Marketing Network where you get the return as a shopping or discount coupon which you can use later or pass on to other people. So how does it work? You need to shop, and you get the discount coupon or shopping coupon which you can avail to shop again. Like this way, Organizer will get their sales and you get the share of profit in terms of


  • BLOG BASED: Here you need to write about the product to lure the public, your content must be informative, trust worthy and yes useful. Affiliates need to keep updating their content as per the current market. Throughout your journey as affiliate one needs to be Your Marketing tactics need to be different than others whereby public get attracted to click to interact with content. Moreover, there won’t be any conflicts and debates.

Use above mentioned technique to find quality affiliate networks.

How does Affiliate Network pay back?

There are multiple criteria on which Affiliate networks work. The important decision in Affiliate Marketing is to decide what business model or criteria they are going to use. There are few major dominating criteria such as:


·         PPS (pay-per-sale) With this criteria publishers or affiliates are paid for each sale they make for the company. E.g. When new candidate joins the company successfully.


  • CPA (pay-per-action) According to these criteria, affiliate is paid for a specific action made by the customer which profit the business. E.g., When you refer
  • CPC (pay-per-click) These criteria involves affiliates get paid for each click on an online advertisement that drives to the advertiser product Website. E.g., When candidates come for the opening after hearing about it from third-party
  • CPM (pay-per-mile) The oldest business criteria where affiliates being paid for generating views for advertiser’s advertisement in their online database, such as a website or a mobile app. E.g. When candidates check out the openings after hearing from third
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