Amazon DEVASTATES Affiliates 👉 Alternatives to Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

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Looking for alternatives to Amazon's Associates Affiliate program? Amazon recently announced that by April 21st, commissions will be cut drastically, and lots of affiliates are looking for alternatives.

This is especially a tough time for those who relied heavily on Amazon Associates for income. In this video, I talk very little about why this happened, and instead offer a number of alternatives that you may be able to use instead.

News Links below:

The Verge Article on 4/14:

The Verge Article about another commission change back in 2017:

Search Engine Journal:

Reddit Forum with Other's Affected by this Change:

Other Affiliate Opportunities (and Time Stamps for Your Convenience):

Target's Affiliate Program (4:21) –
WalMart's Affiliate Program (5:10) –
B&H Photo Affiliate Program (6:40) –
Adorama Affiliate Program (7:25) –

Also, remember – Shopify store owners may have affiliate programs for their goods, too. For example as mentioned in the video, the SwitchPod (8:16)

9:10 – Software Companies

Online Courses like from Skillshare:

Adobe has an affiliate program, too: (not mentioned in video)

Home Depot Affiliate Program (13:00)

Also, you might consider how you can create your own products? If you're not sure where to start, or you're feeling really lost in terms of what to do next, I recommend checking out this page my team and I put together to help those in need right now, including some of my courses and material that we're making free during this time to help you start something new:

Most of all, I think the biggest lesson here is this: when you're playing in someone else's sandbox, and you build businesses on other platforms that have ultimate control over you and your destiny, it can lead to drastic life-changing moments like this. Diversity is key, owning an email list is always recommended, and learning how to best serve that audience, through affiliate recommendations, and offering your own products, can help you stay afloat when certain parts of the system go down.

Wishing you all the best, and I hope this video was helpful to you. If you think it would be helpful for others, please feel free to share this. Also, please hit the thumbs up button if you'd like to say thanks!

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