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In this blog, I am going to talk about how to acquire affiliate links, how to use the best tactics for promoting your links and driving quality website traffic using Social Media and become a successful affiliate marketer.


Affiliate Links are the URLS that contains identifiers. Affiliates ID and other information. In affiliate Marketing Program, Affiliates used Affiliate Links to track the traffic send to Affiliate Marketer’s website as a part of Affiliate Program.

When anyone clicks on the Affiliate links, a record is sent to the Affiliate Program to track it as your metric data categorized as Clicks, Sales and commissions. Now earning money depends on the Affiliate Program rules if it’s the click based, or sales based. It also used cookies to track the activities. When a visitor clicks on the Affiliate Links, a cookie got generated and saved to your computer. This cookie records the visitor activity and pay you back in case if visitor makes a payment or sales within a cookie duration window usually it is 30-90 days.


Affiliate marketing is all about strategy, creativity, and network. The Pre-requisite here is to first join the Affiliate programs. Once you sign up, they provide you the Affiliate Links or affiliate code which you will share with the audience to bring them towards your affiliate Products or websites.

  • Connect to Affiliate Programs
  • Login to your Affiliate profile.
  • Locate the Affiliate Links
  • Track the Affiliate Links activity


Before we get into strategies and tactics, Let’s focus on the power Social media continues to hold. Affiliate marketing has come a long way since its inception, developing from traditional full-proof methods and currently ruling in the form of internet marketing and social media platforms. How to promote affiliate products on social media is still a toughest challenge for many people. I chose Facebook, YouTube and Instagram based on my experience with top converting affiliate channels. Now let’s look into the core ways to promote Affiliate links on Social Media platform:

  • Keep updating Affiliate Links on Social Media

This might seem a bit obvious, but you need to share your Affiliate link in following category:

  • As a product review
  • As a recommendation
  • As an additional resource or reference
  • As a personal experience or testimony
  • Find new Audience

Life of an affiliate is not a piece of cake; however, social media has made it comparatively easier. It has become a main source for Affiliate marketers to spread their word about the products or services they are working for. Make sure that you regularly make time to spend some time to connect to the people who share same checklist as per your selling product.

  • Focus on Trends

It requires a well-thought-out strategy. Online marketing is gaining pace because of its rapid and quality results. Use search engines to get more eyeballs to your selling product.

However, being a successful affiliate is not as easy as nominating yourself for an affiliate program. Discount offers, seasonal campaigns should get updated on regular basis.

  • Take help of interactive images and eye catchy banners:

Brain works better with images and that is why you should specially emphasize on graphical representation when it comes to selling. Linking product images in your content is considered as one of the best online marketing practices and consumers are more attracted to a product or service after getting to see it. Merge selling product images and description with their content to increase the probability of higher sales.

  • Join Niche-specific Groups

The goal is to expand your network, so do it where it’s going to get full filled. Join Social Media groups since social media platforms have higher reach to the audience and keep advertising your Affiliate product that can positively affect your bottom line.

  • Have Quality Content

To survive in the world of affiliate marketing, you need to be on the hunt to promote appealing offers or products that have the potential to stand in the market on long term basis. You need to follow the phrase, “You get out what you put in.”  Just make sure you have the appropriate parameters setup in place to drive right traffic to you.

  • Be an Influencer

Along with selecting the right product as an affiliate, as a marketer you need to have the right focus while promoting your Affiliate products. Just don’t overdo things. To boost up Affiliate product’s sales, you must build a strong profile that influences people to trust your words.

  • Keep Affiliate Link short and Interactive

Lengthy affiliate links and tough-to-read URLs are less appealing to end users. Keep it short and informative. The biggest plus point of shortened URLs is that they are more likely to get shared. Compact Affiliate links are more manageable on social media platforms. Compressed URLs have high click through rate and are also feasible to share. Use a URL shortening tool such as or

  • Use existing network

Take help of existing post or website, post your content where customers are already approaching. E.g. Give a promotional offer to freebies.


Affiliate marketing can be a great source of passive income for Affiliate Marketing bloggers. Knowing how and when to promote your affiliate links can make the huge difference on your overall income. Have patience and keep exploring new techniques. Testing out trending strategies and implementing new tactics to promote your links is the only way to know for sure what resonates with your audience. So, in summary, if you have a brand spanking new start to affiliate marketing and want to learn it all from the very beginning, many online courses are for you.

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