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Are you planning to purchase 12 minute affiliate membership program?

I will answer the dilemma for you with the help of this article.

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

12-minute-affiliate-program-by-devon-brown-my-full-video-review from Lino Curci on Vimeo.

Owner: Devon Brown

Based On: Affiliate Marketing

Types of Membership: Basic level: 1 niche site, or Gold Level: 3 niche sites.

Price Options:

(1 Niche + 14 Day Trial)

(3 Niches + 14 Day Trial)

(1 Niche + Lifetime Access)

(3 Niches + Lifetime Access)

12 minute Affiliate Program is a plug and play program created by Devon Brown that gives both newbie and experienced Marketer the good foundation to earn money with Affiliate Marketing. It is an online toolkit solely based on Affiliate Marketing that gives you a platform to earn money along with that it teaches you unsaturated tactics to make online with doable steps. It is a good guide to start with if you are finding the right path for Affiliate Marketing. They assure that you can make $450 by investing 12 minutes a day. In actual, the amount of money earned varies by the way of doing it. The Affiliate product you chose, the traffic you get towards your product and so on. Let’s start with the basic terminology used in 12 minute Affiliate Program.

  • Checklist:

Once you join Affiliate Marketing, you get a checklist to get started with this program. It’s a good option if you have prior knowledge to this.

  • Money Marketing System:
  • It is revolved around three things:
  • Find an Affiliate product to start the marketing with.
  • Create a Website for the Product or simply choose the pre-built one.
  • Bring people to sign up for the page.
  • Keep sending promotional messages, you will get the follow-up messages here.
  • Earn profit out of it.
  • Training Center:

Here you will find the trainings which get updated on regular basis by the creator itself. They teach you the different methods to get money with the help of Affiliate Marketing. You just need to choose the right approach.


How to start with 12 Minute Affiliate Program?


You need to personalize your account based on your choice. Here you have variety of niches available. You can opt the right Affiliate Product to promote.


It is a tool that assist you to organize your email lists.


Set up your auto-responder emails. Here you need to set it up manually. You can also find auto-generated follow up emails. It will save the efforts and time taken by writing the long emails.


First, you need to choose from available niches: Online Business, Health, and Personal Development. Then select your template and if you want you can customize it a bit later.

Also, you have an option to pay and get it done all for you. The 12 minute Affiliate Program provides you the option where you can pay them to customize all this for you. If you a tech savvy, follow the video tutorial and do it yourself.


Here also you have two options: Either pay them and get free traffic to your page instantly or have patience and wait for the traffic to come to you automatically.

You just need to type of traffic you want. Number of visitors you want.

If free traffic sounds good to you, they also provide free traffic course. It tells you how to generate more traffic using third party tool like Social Media, etc.

My Review: 12 Minute Affiliate Program is a Scam or Legit?

Thanks for giving time to read the article thoroughly. I hope it gave you some insight to the program. I purchased and tried this program. In my opinion it’s not a bad guide to start your Affiliate Marketing with. When one starts with Niche, right information is the key to success and 12-minute Affiliate Program provides the right platform and tools to make being an affiliate easier. Although some of the claims done by them is misleading like the income potential. You could make more or less depending on your tactics and determination. You are not going to become rich in a day. You can use this as a starting platform and continue upgrading your skills. Like any other available Program, 12 minute Affiliate Program might be having some issues. There are some hidden costs also which you need to take care of, especially if you are a beginner. Let’s focus on the good points it has:

  • Easy platform to start with.

Easily available online tool with the add-on bonuses.

  • You can earn something daily.

You can earn for every sale you generate.

  • Open multiple stream to earn money.

They have a done-for-you targeted traffic and numerous sales systems to promote your affiliate product.

  • Quick set up.

It’s a 12 minute setup that runs on auto-pilot mode.

  • Work from Anywhere.

You don’t need specific pre-requisites to get it installed.

  • It expands your network.

They offer done-for-you traffic.

  • Done for you emails are available.

No need to put efforts to write emails.

  • No experience needed.

One does not need any prior experience or knowledge to start with this because almost all of it’s features are pre-designed.

  • Money back guarantee:

It also has 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with how the system works then you can request a refund.





Commission Hero Review: Worth Buying?

In the recent past, news about Commission Hero is gaining highlights. Many people have always been thinking, is the video-based affiliate marketing real or just another scam?  If you’re not sure whether to go for it or not, then you are at the right door. Let me give you some insight to the course.

Name: Commission Hero

Owner: Robby Blanchard

Based On: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $997 or $597 2 split payments

This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is a premium training course based on affiliate system made by one of the top paid affiliate Robby Blanchard that teaches you how to make money using Affiliate Marketing without any websites or Affiliate Products, you do not have to own or store any products. You must have come across adverts from ClickBank that claims you can earn up to $1000 a day through Commission Hero by promoting ClickBank products through Facebook paid Ads. This Affiliate marketing video guide contains every bit of information you may need to earn money through ClickBank and Facebook. It claims to be a simple 3-step system that uses Facebook to advertise ClickBank digital products so you can make $1000 commission a day. Robby teaches you how to use the online platform for business along with the fun, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

Go here NOW:

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

If you’re a keen follower of the Affiliate marketing world, you must have probably come across the name Robby Blanchard. If you are yet to hear his name, then you must know that he is a real deal in Affiliate Marketing world.

Robby claims to be the world’s number one ClickBank affiliate with monthly income of over $920,000. He is a highly credible instructor who guides you throughout the course based on his contributions and success in affiliate marketing. As opposed to other online tutors, Robby tends to focus more on the mistakes he has himself made while doing Affiliate Marketing.

If you're not familiar with ClickBank, it's a vast online marketplace where affiliate marketers and affiliates (or product creators) come together in order to start the business.


It is for the people who are:

1. Willing to start an online business

2. Interested in doing so with ethics

  1. Willing to invest timeto achieve success


In short, the Commission Hero review contains affiliate links. This means if you would be able to bring a sale through these links, you may receive a small commission in response.

As an experienced Internet Marketer, I would say it is a good fit for Newbies, people who have little marketing exposure. With the Facebook ads provided here, you can track your marketing progress graph. That’s where Facebook Pixel comes into the picture. With the Commission hero course, you will get to know how to install the code and analyze the results.


  • Informative training

You can learn some general tactics, simply by going through the expert’s experience in the Affiliate Marketing who are sharing information for free. He got into learning Facebook ads because his gym was struggling in initial days of his employment. Then he took support of Facebook ads and started noticing the gradual changes from $1000/day and now he’s making $30,000+ per day!

  • One-on-one assistance

Robby, the course advisor is a successful internet marketer. He always stays active on Facebook private group to help all the members with their queries. And the resolution steps are coming directly from such a big portfolio that tells you that it’s very much easy to achieve $1000 in a single day.

  • Access to ads and images

You do get the training on how to use FaceBook ads, which may help you understand a bit about your followers on the social media platform. You do get interactive ads logos and landing pages to attract the traffic to your affiliate Product. Without saying much, here are the top and useful ads and landing pages you should expect to access.

  • 12-months success guarantee

You need to commit yourself to complete the training, implement it and if you still feel dissatisfied with the outcome then you can ask for refund.

  • Beginner friendly!

The video-based training is easy to understand for every beginner out there with a basic English understanding. Such trainings are needed as they can help you detect and avoid all silly mistakes before they come your way. This mode of information can help you save huge effort of time.


  • Cannot promote your own products

Only work for ClickBank Products which generally have fallen in terms of quality over these past few years. They are overhyped.

  • Paid traffic is a risk

Paid traffic is a very high-risk method, you could end up losing much more than you invested.


  • Affiliate Products are low quality.

Moreover, ClickBank, as an affiliate network, is having more low-quality products these days, so it may not be in your best interest to start with them.

Final Verdict:

In summary, Commission Hero is good to go if you are okay to invest money which may lead you profit or not. But you will definitely learn some good strategies from world’s largest ClickBank affiliate Robby Blanchard on how to run Facebook ads campaigns. One also need to take few things into consideration such as running Facebook ads, creating content, setting up and working with ClickBank and dealing with refunds and chargebacks.





Stikylikes is a renowned company headquartered in Wilimington, Delaware founded by Rocco DiBenedetto, an entrepreneur and internet marketer. It was established on October 2019. For more information about Sticky Likes visit   





This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:




Nowadays, Pay per click marketing is quite popular amongst the marketer and freelancers who want to earn money online. This Stikylikes program is about the same where it provides a service to its members that help them to increase their online followers. It is the platform where you can make money by sharing the advertisement and get paid on on a per-click basis. You just need to sign up to Stikylikes, it approve your account,need to post advertisement on your profile and get paid back for every click. It brings traffic to your site at some affordable price. Amount per click varies from country to the country.

Stikylikes rates for 1000 clicks as per countries are following:

United States: $13

United Kingdom: $9

Canada : $9

Australia: $8

Other Coutries: $3

First you need to join Stikylike by choosing their membership plan. Eligibility criteria is – you should be having an existing account on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and youtube with atleast 5 posts on either of them. Now let’s discuss on the number of likes you are going to earn from here as per the membership plan you chose to purchase and you need to complete your daily tasks also in order to receive them:


  • Sticky500 – At this plan, you are expected to get 500 likes per month. You are required to do 5 tasks daily at this plan to receive the service.
  • Sticky1000 – At this plan, you are expected to get 1000 likes per month. You are required to do 10 daily tasks
  • Sticky1500 – At this plan, you are expected to get 1500 likes per month. You are required to do 15 daily tasks
  • Sticky3000 – At this plan, you are expected to get 3000 likes per month. You are required to do 30 daily tasks




  • Sticky500 – At this plan, you are expected to get 500 likes per month.
  • Sticky1000 – At this plan, you are expected to get 1000 likes per month.
  • Sticky1500 – At this plan, you are expected to get 1500 likes per month.
  • Sticky3000 – At this plan, you are expected to get 3000 likes per month.



In order to get your likes, shares, and followers, you will need to complete your assigned tasks list daily. As you become more active on this platform by sharing posts, liking posts, and following other members, the system will reward you with a higher count to your social profile where you will start getting an increase in your fan following.

Depending on what level of membership you are on, you will have a certain amount of social media post sharing requirements. If you complete assigned tasks, you will be qualified to receive your number of followers, likes, and shares the right next day. If you fail to do this in given amount of time, you will not receive any reward points for your account.

If you pick up and start completing the assigned tasks the next day, you will be eligible again. The only membership level where daily assigned tasks are NOT required is at the Premium Level membership.


How Do You Make Money With It?

Now question arises, how to earn money out of it. One of the biggest aspects of why I think many people should join Sticky Likes besides the service that they offer is the option to make money out of it.

By performing the daily tasks and by recruiting other members and building a team into the program when you become a distributor there is the key for you to make money with it.

To become eligible to earn commissions, you must be on one of the premium membership levels and you must also recruit at least 1 member.

Until you recruit one member, the company label you as a customer.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are the paid and tracked ones with the help of the MLM unilevel compensation plan structure.

For those who are not familiar with this compensation plan, the first level will be having those members which are personally recruited by you.

The second level will only have your team members that your team means your recruited members personally recruited on it.

And your third level will have team members that your level 2 members personally recruited on it.

This will continue to the number of levels that the company pays out on which I believe is 7 levels.Each level will that the company offers will provide a different commission payout per active subscription.Also, each level that you can earn on will depend on your eligibility that the company has setup for you.

Task Bonus Commissions


The company will pay you a small amount of commission for completing the additional assigned tasks per day.

You will first have to complete your assigned daily tasks per level that you are paying for monthly, but when you perform 20 additional tasks, the company will pay you $2.

This can be done multiple times per 20, but the company does have a cap. This bonus will vary on regular basis on the amount that you can earn and only offered with a specific daily amount which means if all the extra tasks that the company offers to pay additional commissions are all completed before you start to do them, then you will miss out on this additional bonus.

Basically, it is a first come first serve kind of bonus that you can earn here.

Matching Bonus Commissions


The company will pay out up to 4 levels of matching bonus.This will depend on certain criteria that the company will put in place.

Leadership Bonus

The leadership bonus is paid out to all the registered affiliate members that have completed certain eligibilitycriteria that the company has setup. This bonus deals with the unilevel compensation plan structure where you will be able to earn beyond the 7 level structure.


I’ve also shared my thoughts about the service, the opportunity, and what I feel about the future of the program.






How To Create Video Content That Google LOVES


HERE It’s s the brand Influencer Video Templates!

how-to-create-video-content-that-google-loves from Michele Curci on Vimeo.


These new Influencer Templates, allow you to upload a video you record on your phone or laptop, and then the system listens to your audio and AUTOMATICALLY transcribes what you say!
And it gets even better because you can also drop other clips over the top of your talking head clip to illustrate what you’re talking about.
These new Influencer Video Templates take this program to a whole new level, and the feedback they’ve been getting from beta users has been off the charts!

The new templates are perfect for:

Anyone who wants to become an Influencer online

Anyone who wants to create their own YouTube channel

Anyone who wants to create online courses

The market for these new Influencer Video Templates is MASSIVE, and I want YOU to stay tuned because of the Quality Autorithy this program easily Give you.

So What’s The Week’s Special Offer?

To launch the brand new Influencer Video Templates they’ve put together a very special offer that will only be available until MIDNIGHT Friday 14th February PST.
Here’s what’s included in the special offer:

40% OFF for life (Save $216/year)

12 Brand New Influencer Video Templates

30,000+ Music Tracks from Storyblocks Audio (Save $180/year)

790,000+ Storyblocks video clips (Save $468/year)

A FREE copy of our Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint Pack

PLUS our ‘How To Convert Your Smartphone Into A Pro Video Camera’ cheat sheet


Last December, Google made an ominous update to the terms of service on its video platform YouTube…

The update allows YouTube to terminate your account if they believe it is no longer “commercially viable” for any reason.

I believe this is Google’s first step towards cracking down on the type of content it permits on YouTube…

So in this short video you’ll discover the best type of content to create in order to safeguard your YouTube channel and protect your business in the future.

You’ll learn:

Why Authenticity is the secret to success on YouTube in 2020
How to build a personal connection with your audience
PLUS how to create video content that Google LOVES
So if you want to avoid the next big Google SLAP, be sure to watch today’s video and take immediate action to protect your YouTube channel and business.


Lino Curci

P.S. The content you created last year, may get you banned in the near future. In order to protect your YouTube channel and business be sure to watch today’s video now:






Hashing Ad Space – an advertising Platform.



hashing-ad-space-an-advertising-platform from Michele Curci on Vimeo.


You might be wondering, whether it is a legitimate or a scam? After analyzing their various presentations, I found the platform’s key factors are transparency and value. Let me drive you through further details.


What is Hashing Ad Space?

Hashing Ad Space is a digital advertising platform, running under CEO Luke Millard. It claims to offer effective advertising and potentially a large income to earn. It attracts people with common interests. The ‘crypto minting system’ is, therefore, a sincerely unique one and claims that they want everyone to succeed as they have something in return regardless of what you are advertising.

How Does This Hashing Ad Space work?

The platform attracts people of common interest especially those of home-based businesses. It attracts people who are looking for either growing their business or just earning a passive income from watching ads. It also brought member’s interest by offering cash online, affiliate packages, marketing tools, coaching for online business, and revolution to cryptocurrency. They say that you can start for free, no credit card required and with no experience necessary. Then you need to set up your account by verifying it through your email. It is highly secure using PIN and google authenticator (2FA). For anyone new to affiliate marketing, it’s a straightforward minting model that anyone can pick up and start their business with. There’s no risk involved, and there are no gimmicks so you’ll earn in terms of cryptocurrency. This is what makes the platform unique.


Next level: Minting Asimi

Minting cryptocurrency is the act of watching ads that “mints”(minting is the creation of the tokens) cryptocurrency tokens each day called “Asimi”. The viewer of the advertisement earns the cryptocurrency tokens each day based on the ads they have watched. For starting, you can mint 1 ad per day for free. You can increase your minting ability by purchasing Minting packages. Each Minting package you buy grants you to mint 1 ad per day for 365 days. The Asimi is then paid into their online wallet which can be exchanged for Bitcoins, ETH, WAVES, and EURO without restrictions. Asimi Stakes has validity for 1 year. Asimi is designed for the sole method of online advertising purchase on Hashing Ad Space – this is intended and only use. The advertising done here must be paid in Asimi tokens. You can explore more about Asimi at





In short, here nothing hidden and nothing over-promised.

  • First- People advertise their business on the Hashing Ad Space platform, and pay to do the same by giving Asimi tokens.
  • Second- People watch ads and earn Asimi tokens that they can later exchange for Bitcoin and then withdraw the Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet, then withdraw to your bank or card.


As compared to other systems, this is not based on Referral or affiliates commissions. But it does have the affiliate programs in addition to its existing feature described in the next section. The platform also delivers high-quality views from qualified buyers to the advertised websites of Hashing Ad space members within their unique Ad Minting platform.


Advertising Products On HashingAdSpace

Ad minter Advertising: 50% direct commission

In this package, you will receive targeted high volume traffic to your website. It displays your website to its other members for a minimum of 7 seconds. A good way to bring your website in front of viewers for 40 Asimi or 20$ for 2000 impressions.


Banner Advertising: 50% direct commission

It gives you a combination of both Horizontal rectangle and square banners. It offers you to run your ad in 10 separate Banner ad campaigns running at the same time. This category of Hashing Ad space advertising is very popular when you need good exposure to 100k members. Price is 40 Asimi or 20$ for 20000 banner impressions.


View To Earn (V2E) Advertising: 10% direct commission

This is the section where you are paid to watch an advertisement. You get paid in Asimi. This method is somewhat similar to Paid To Click(PTC) sites. They have set the limit which 50 Ads per day and they have a reward bonus also for their lucky customers who get rewarded 10, 20, 40, 80 Asimi. Earned amount in Asimi can be used for advertising also. This is especially recommended for the customers who have not subscribed to any packages. Each day they release17K tokens and split evenly among the Hashing Ad space members viewing the ads.


Login Ad: 10% direct commission

This section lets you advertise your products among the 200k+ Hashing Ad Space members. Each time a Hashing Ad space member logs in, your ad will be visible to them. You will receive at least 10,000 views a day else your ad will display the next full day. Price is 40 Asimi or 20$ for 250 impressions.





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