The Best Sales Advice You’ll EVER Get (The Secret to Selling without Feeling Slimy or Salesy)

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To keep a business running, and to legitimately call yourself an entrepreneur, you need to make money – but how do you ask for the sale or pitch anything without feeling slimy or salesy? How do you promote something without upsetting your audience, and how do you ultimately get comfortable with selling anything?

In this video, you're going to hear the best answer I've ever heard in my entire life to the question: "how do you get comfortable selling something?".

Chalene Johnson, one of my mentors, was a surprise guest on the 155th episode of The Income Stream (my daily 8am PT morning show here on YouTube), and she dropped this HUGE value bomb when I asked her about how to get comfortable selling. This answer will change your life as an entrepreneur.

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Let me know in the comment section below how this changed your mind, if it did. In my experience, helping tens of thousands of students, not being comfortable selling is the #1 reason why otherwise wouldbe successful entrepreneurs go broke. I hope this video helped you in some way.

Now go out, and serve others, and earn those sales!


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